Directions from Porto

»Porto 251 km (about 3 hours) »Follow for A3 / E1 exit towards E82 /Valencia / Braga / A4 / Vila Real / Valongo.

»Follow for the A4 towards Vila Real / Valongo / Ermesinde.

»At Alijó zone turn to the IC5 toward Miranda do Douro.

»Turn right to merge to IP2.

»At Sendim exit IC5.

»At the roundabout, take the first exit.

»Continue straight toward Sendim.

»At the intersection, turn left toward the Picotte / Miranda do Douro on EN221.

»About 3 km then turn right toward Picotte.

»Continue to the church.

»Take Church Street toward Bárrio.

Picotte, Miranda do Douro